Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Vintage Buglady

Here's another one from 2002, the early days of AOTM. It's one of several mixes I made back then to listen to as Gary and I drove from the SF Bay Area to Davis, where I was going to school. It was a good mix of familiar tunes as well as new sounds for Gary's ears, and a fun backdrop for the long drive to the Central Valley.

1 Start! The Jam

2 Jackpot Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet

3 Cool Jerk The Creation

4 Run Spy Run Billy Strange

5 Roadrunner The Modern Lovers

6 I Gotta Move The Kinks

7 Dented Fender Roy Clark

8 Rock This Town Stray Cats

9 I Said No Se

10 Heart Full of Soul The Yardbirds

11 A Message To You Rudy The Specials

12 Don't Look Back Rising Storm

13 Hawaii Five-O The Ventures

14 Gloria Them

15 Never Met A Girl Like You The Lyres

16 Noodles Michael Musburger

17 No-No The Hi-Fives

18 Honky Tonk Women The Rolling Stones

19 Slap Me Folk Implosion

20 Pushin' Too Hard The Seeds

21 The Passenger Iggy Pop

22 The Letter The Box Tops

23 Theme from "the Vindicators" The Fleshtones

24 Black Is Black Los Bravos

25 Talk To You The Small Faces

26 Substitute The Who

27 Sex With A Siamese Twin Harm Farm

28 Stingray The Shadows


Doowad said...

Bummer we are so bad about commenting on the blogs, but this looks stupendous, I am always thrilled to see the kind of Kinks/Roy Clark back-to-back on a mix. Other nice surprises as well...

Alex said...

lots of great guitar gems on this one, like "Jackpot," "Dented Fender," "Noodles," "Stingray." also loved hearing classic Seeds/Iggy back-to-back and really liked Los Bravos and No Se too. for some reason I didn't care for Stray Cats when their records came out, but now I dig 'em all the way. great mix. more, please.