Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Zombie Jamboree!

I've been working on this one for a few weeks, and finished it about the same time as my mix for Sophia. This one is missing the kiddie tracks, and has lots of great tunes for a vintage-themed Halloween shindig. Mostly tracks from the 50s and 60s, with some film tracks thrown into the brew... all in all, it makes for a devilish good time!

1 Spider Baby [Opening Theme] Lon Chaney Jr.
2 Midnight Monsters Hop Jack And Jim
3 Monster Shindig Danny Hutton
4 Munster Creep The Munsters
5 Weerdo The Wolf Frankie Stein And His Ghouls
6 The Mummy Little Tibia & the Fibias
7 Igor's Party Tony's Monstrosities
8 Frankenstein Meets The Beetles Dickie Goodman
9 The Monster Bobby Please
10 Monster Surfer The Abominable Surfmen
11 Graveyard Phantom Five
12 I Dig You Baby Bob McFadden And Dor
13 Rockin‚ Zombie The Crewnecks
14 Saturday Evening Ghost Frankie Stein And His Ghouls
15 The Lurch Ted Cassidy
16 Do The Rigormortis Don Hinson And The Rigamorticians
17 I Was A Teenage Monster Keytones
18 What Kind Of Ghoul Am I Frankie Stein And His Ghouls
19 Ring-A-Ding Orangoutang Zacherley
20 Monster Man The MSR Singers
21 Morgus The Magnificent Morgus & The Ghouls
22 Haunted House Chris Kevin
23 The Spook Spoke Jupiter Jones
24 Feed Me! Fred Katz
25 Down In The Basement The Munsters
26 The Voo Doo Walk Sonny Richard's Panics with Cindy And Misty
27 Wombie Zombie Billy Taylor
28 The Zombie Stomp The Del-Aires
29 The Mad Scientist The Zanies
30 The Head Shrinker The Vampires [Milton DeLugg]
31 Black Widow Spider Woman Jack Hammer
32 Wolf Gal Glen Ryle
33 Drac's Back Billy DeMarco & Count Dracula
34 Graveyard Rock Tarantula Ghoul & The Gravediggers


Doowad said...

Well, we were batting around a possible Halloween mix, but I think yours does the trick. Great one!

Alex said...

oh, buglady. you've really outdone yourself! unfortunately, we used up all our October download juice at work (or whatever) so I had to wait until after the turn of the month to get these two jewels. loved the "Spider Baby" opener, "I Dig You Baby," "Ring-a-Ding Orangoutang" and lots of others. "Igor's Party" sounds like it's backed by the Tom Tom Club, and if I recall correctly from my fading youth, wasn't Jupiter Jones of "The Spook Spoke" one of The Three Investigators? ps. my work colleague loved your mixes, proclaiming: "are these both by the same person? she's got some cool records!" well done, he's picky.

buglady said...

Wow Alex, I haven't thought about The Three Investigators in ages! I loved those books and read them all when I was a kid. Good call, and glad you liked the mixes!

brad32 said...

nice - I finally found Ted Cassidy's Lurch this last halloween. I have some new stuff too - we'll have to work out some kinda trade in the future...