Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Gotta Have More Cowbell!

So here it is, the second installment of cowbell tunes. Without even delving deeply into the plethora of heavy metal cowbell tracks, I still managed to put together over 80 minutes of great songs. Thanks to Dead Man, I now have confirmation (from the band itself) that (Don't Fear) The Reaper does indeed contain cowbell-- a heavily taped up, dampened cowbell. This mix has a few other tracks with that dampened cowbell sound, which led me to suspect they weren't cowbell at all. After much careful listening, I decided to leave them in. Thanks to Dead Man's tip about the  BÖC's seminal track, it is included here as a bonus track.

Thanks to Sean Lally for the Matthew Sweet recommendation... it rocks!


1 Right Side of a Good Thing The Fleshtones

2 Milk Cow Blues Boogie Billy Swan

3 I Call Your Name The Beatles

4 Doledrum The La's

5 Down On The Corner Creedence Clearwater Revival

6 Love Is Strange Mickey & Sylvia

7 A Mistake Today For Me Jonathan Richman

8 Augusta, Angelica e Consolacao Tom Zé

9 Diamond Dogs David Bowie

10 Clampdown (US Promo 12") The Clash

11 Funk 49 The James Gang

12 Telstar The Champs

13 Of You The Monkees

14 Over And Over The Archies

15 Taki Rari Yma Sumac

16 Dangerous Frente!

17 Into Your Drug Matthew Sweet

18 Rockville Spot 1019

19 I Ain't Superstitious Howlin' Wolf

20 Move Along Johnny & the Baa-Baa's

21 Mi Chiquita Benny More

22 Show Off Bobbie Gentry

23 Funky Town Lipps Inc

24 Ciel de Lit Brigitte Bardot

25 Lion and Donkey The Mighty Sparrow

26 (Don't Fear) The Reaper Blue Öyster Cult

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Doowad said...

Ah, I should have read the notes here first, glad your research paid off, this looks even better than the first. You have an open invitation for the Mutual Appreciation Society...

Anonymous said...

There is a great websight dedicated to this subject -

"The Cowbell Project" ..... great mixes BL! - petrocks

buglady said...

I had a look at the website, and while it IS a good resource, they've listed some songs that definitely don't have any cowbell. A good example is "For Your Love" by The Yardbirds. The cowbell sound on that track comes from bongos.

Anonymous said...

You need this blog bumper sticker.

Trust me.

Well crap. It's here: