Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"New" Mix for Shannan

This mix is dedicated to my dear friend Shannan. She requested some "new" music, so I put together a little something from the tunes I've been listening to lately. Obviously, some of these tracks are hardly new, but I mostly tried to put together songs that would be new to Shannan's ears. Since she first introduced me to CAN, I figured I'd return the favor by turning her on to Kendra Smith's version of "She Brings the Rain", and well, what can I say about Wreckless Eric?!? As you can see, I've peppered the mix with some classics that I hope she will enjoy as much as I do.

Shannan tends to like her music a bit on the sour side (to balance out my sweet tooth), but she's also a sucker for a good harmony (The Beatles, The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, Elliott Smith's XO). She is a fan of West African and Brazilian music, and a former student of Afro-Haitian dance, so I tried to appeal to her tastes by  consciously choosing tracks with interesting rhythms and instrumentation. I have a feeling this will be right up her alley.

1 Greetings To You Best Fwends

2 Bang On The Breeders

3 Underwater Architecture In Helsinki

4 Corpus Christi Clinic

5 No Big Thing Holly Golightly

6 Whole Wide World Wreckless Eric

7 Les Dix Premiers Jocy

8 Oxford Comma Vampire Weekend

9 Tengo Todo Cafe Tacvba

10 You Know I'm No Good Amy Winehouse

11 I'm One Of Those Girls Born Ruffians

12 Unraveling Alela Diane

13 Vai (Menina, Amanha de Manha) Tom Zé

14 Rain (vocal-bass demo mix) The Beatles

15 A Giver Orion Rigel Dommisse

16 Jet Set Dave Pike

17 Sour Cherry The Kills

18 Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

19 I'm Good. I'm Gone Lykke Li

20 Imitosis Andrew Bird

21 Duj Duj Fanfare Ciocarlia

22 I Hate Camera The Bird and the Bee

23 Evil Entrepeneur Professor Pez

24 She Brings The Rain Kendra Smith



Doowad said...

Doowadette and I are both looking forward to this one!

Cliff said...

What can say cept BUBBLICIOUS!

Alex O. Williams said...

...also really liked Holly Golightly, Cafe Tacvba, The Breeders - and, of course, Fanfare Ciocarlia and the Wreckless Eric classic. your frie-nd Shannon must be en-joying this a-plenty!

that.turtle said...

I love this mix. Now imagine that sentence was written using all caps and three exclamation points. That's how much I love this mix. Times two even.

sammyg123 said...

Underwater Bubble Pop has to be one of the finest mix titles I've seen. The mix itself is ruddy great too. Love 7 & 9 - both new to me and really fab..