Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Songs About Chocolate & Girls

I spent the early part of this summer immersed in Elvis soundtracks. When I heard the song "Crawfish" I really perked up. It's moody and dark and very inspiring. I decided to craft a mix around that track, but not necessarily create a moody, dark mix. I love how it came out, it's my favorite mix in a long time.

1 Disconnected (Acoustic)- Rancid

2 More Songs About Chocolate And Girls- The Undertones

3 Surprise Surprise- Lulu & The Luvvers

4 Can't Seem To Make You Mine- The Ramones

5 Drivin' Wheel- Robert Gordon

6 The Place I Love- The Jam

7 Cortinas- The Lambrettas

8 Floy Joy- Diana Ross & The Supremes

9 Change Your Mind- The Killers

10 Love Is A Gamble- Eartha Kitt

11 Crawfish- Elvis Presley

12 It's Cold Inside- Peter Case

13 Hypno Sex Ray- The Cramps

14 Ain't No Way- Elaine Summers

15 Rattled- Traveling Wilburys

16 The Plan- Richard Hell & The Voidoids

17 See Fernando- Jenny Lewis

18 She's Alright- The Real Kids

19 Failsafe- The New Pornographers

20 She Can't Get Any Sleep- The Incredible Moses Leroy

21 Personal- Eleni Mandell

22 Dry Lips- Lightspeed Champion

23 If I Could Talk I'd Tell You- The Lemonheads

24 Charley's Girl- Lou Reed

25 Boss- The Rumblers

26 Don't Push Me Around- Zeros

27 I Hope That You Can Remember- R. Stevie Moore

28 Headlights- Sean Lennon

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