Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random Band Mix

Back in February there was a Facebook activity where fake album covers were created using a combination of Wikipedia and Flickr. I was inspired by the cover I created to come up with a mix that I felt corresponded with the cover image. This is the result of that inspiration.

1 Happy/Sad- Sunshine Club

2 Three- Massive Attack

3 The Artifact and Living- Michael Andrews

4 Give Me A Smile- Sibylle Baier

5 My Melting Snowman- fuck

6 Opposite Day- Andrew Bird

7 Jardín- Gustavo Santaolalla

8 Der Yek Goshe- Laleh

9 Glossolalia- Vic Chesnutt

10 Nature Morte (Still Life)- Graeme Revell 

11 Luftschloss- Eno–Moebius–Roedelius

12 Rainbo Conversation- Stereolab

13 ฉัน... (Thai Lullaby)- Pru

14 Day Eight- Explosions In The Sky

15 Earth Same Breath- Kendra Smith

16 Capricorn- Orion Rigel Dommisse

17 Shadows- Yo La Tengo

18 La Plage- Yann Tiersen

19 Feel The Sun- Tindersticks

20 St Augustine- Band Of Horses

21 Buried Alive- Christina Antipa

22 Recording A Tunnel- Bell Orchestre

23 El Desconfiado- Juana Molina

24 The Ugly Mire of Deep Held Feelings- Tall Dwarfs

25 Laser Beam- Low

27 Figure Eight- Blossom Dearie

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