Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Smell The Magic!

This is a little theme mix I put together about a neurological condition called Synesthesia. People with Synesthesia intermix nervous impulses so that they can see sounds, smell images, and some even perceive numbers and letters as colors. My tribute to Synesthesia intermixes numbers and colors. I purposely chose only songs that emphasized the number or color, not just those that mentioned it in their title. It's a quirky mix, but I love the way it sounds.

1 I'm One The Who

2 Blue The Jayhawks

3 You Two Chuck Berry

4 Yellow Sarong Yo La Tengo

5 3 is a Magic Number De La Soul

6 Red Rubber Ball The Diodes

7 Apartment Four They Might Be Giants

8 Orange Skies Love

9 Five Guys Named Moe Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five

10 Mustard The Dittos

11 Six Days In May The Gants

12 Green Green (live) Trini Lopez

13 Seven Imperial Teen

14 Heart of Gold Johnny Cash

15 Driver 8 R.E.M.

16 Sky Blue Sky Wilco

17 Drivin' On 9 The Breeders

18 White Girl X

19 No. 10 Downing Street The Troggs

20 (Put On Your Old) Grey Bonnet Big Boy Myles

21 Eee-O-Eleven Sammy Davis Jr.

22 Deep Purple April Stevens & Nino Tempo

23 12 O' Clock Midnight The Plimsouls

24 Pink Moon Nick Drake

25 Thirteen Men Ann Margret

26 Big Black Smoke The Kinks

27 14 Lovely Women New Vaudeville Band

28 Brown Skin Girl Harry Belafonte

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