Thursday, May 7, 2009

Robots Run Amok

Last year's robot-themed mix of mechanical mayhem:

This one starts out in the best possible way: using technology to improve human life... the Bionic Man! (one of my favorite shows when I was a kid). Tracks 1-9 feature benevolent androids/robots, in a world where we have been developing them to serve mankind.

The middle of the mix, tracks 10-17 transition into a future where robots have become commonplace. We are now using and abusing them (track 18) for our convenience. Although everything seems ideal, trouble is brewing on the horizon... the robots grow tired of our abuse and decide it's time to overthrow their oppressors. 

We glimpse the beginning of the end by track 19, when we realize we cannot trust robots. It's all downhill from there, and the battle between robots and humans begins, with only brave Yoshimi standing up to the rebellious droids. By track 26, it's all but over, with Queen rounding out the mix with a track from News of The World (with the infamous robots vs. humans album cover). 


1 The Six Million Dollar Man- Oliver Nelson

2 Humanoid Boogie- The Bonzo Dog Band

3 The Man With The Lightbulb Head- Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians

4 Robot Man- Connie Francis

5 My Robot- Looper

6 Mr. Robot- Les Baxter

7 If I Only Had a Heart- The Tin Man [Herbert Stothart]

8 Robot Parade- They Might Be Giants

9 Robots- The Slackers

10 Robot Segue- Beck

11 The Robots In My Bedroom Were Playing Arena Rock- Softlightes

12 The Mechanical Man- Bent Bolt & The Nuts

13 Robot Man [Scorpions Cover]- The Epoxies

14 The Robots [Kraftwerk cover]- SeƱor Coconut Y Su Conjunto

15 Robot High School- My Robot Friend

16 Do The Robot [Saints Cover]- Spent Idol

17 Ok Robot- Bruce Haack

18 We're In Business (Never Trust a Robot)- Andrew Thompson

19 Gigantor- The Dickies

20 Giant Robot-Birdhead- The Aquabats

21 Anarchy in the UK- 386 DX

22 Machines- Lothar & the Hand People

23 Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1- The Flaming Lips

24 Robot Rock- Daft Punk

25 Robots (Humans Are Dead)- Flight of the Conchords

26 All Dead, All Dead- Queen

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